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I was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in 1994. Now I’m based in The Hague, but since I was seven , I have continuously been moving around, living in Greece, Kazakhstan, China, and the Netherlands. 

My work is also always moving, expressing itself through different mediums where one thing leads to the next leads to the next. This web associations, or rather travelling through it, reveals its ephemeral characteristics. I believe the free-flowing lightness of the work lends itself to the analogy of the ever-moving thought process, whether conscious or otherwise.
2020, Embrace and Conquer, KABK Graduation Show, Den Haag 
2019, Note to Self, Helen Van Doeverenplantsoen, Den Haag
2019, Laboratório do Semestre, Espaço Das Artes, São Paulo, Brazil
2018, Queering the Church, Club Lourdes, Den Haag
2018, Wabi-Sabi, Schoolstraat, Den Haag

2016-2020, BA Fine Arts, Royal Academy of Art The Hague 2013-2015, BSc Psychology, University of Leiden