Every week the Studium General program at the KABK has a student present a work at the entrance of the school, related to the lecture on that day. The student is given a fifty euro budget.

For my work I invited street musician Stefan Vassily to play accordion at the KABK entrance. He is very recongisable to a lot of people who enter the school because almost everyday he plays the accordion close to the central station, on the street through which lots of people commute to The Hague.

Stefan played at accordion from 10:30 to 14:00 at the KABK, received the fifty euros as well as coins from people entering and exiting the school. 

I thought it would interesting to see what happens when something (especially that which people are used to) gets transported to a different context. Always playing on the same spot, I can imagine how such a street musician can fade into the background of people’s daily routines and become unnoticable over time. One thing I did notice is that a lot of people greeted him as they entered the school, something that happened rarely on the street.   

Moreover, I had a feeling that people would have a negative reaction to it, like I was exploting another person who needed money. To my surprise, however, people’s reactions were very positive and everyone liked it that he was there. Though the language barrier prevented some conversation, it was clear that Stefan enjoyed it as well.