Sei lá

performed at Espaço das Artes, São Paulo, 2019

In this performance I used 100 meters of red yarn to write the Portuguese phrase "sei lá" on the floor of the exhibition hall. The phrase roughly translates to "I don't know", but bears a closer similarity to the Dutch phrase "weet ik veel". After the yarn finished I tied the end to a Yellow Bike (a paid bicycle service), unlocked it with my phone, and biked out of the exhibition hall and museum dragging the yarn behind me, effectively unrolling the entire thing within 30 seconds.

I biked around the university campus for ten minutes, trailing the 100 meters of yarn behind me until I came to a dead end. I got off the bike and promptly started collecting the yarn, pulling it towards me. At one point it got stuck, and since it was dark and yarn was long I couldn't see the end, so I followed it instead. I found a water bottle tied to the end of the yarn. Someone had tied it and left. I brought the yarn and bottle back to the exhibition hall.